National Health And Health Commission JoyaHui: In vitro suppression of viral stoking clinically effective

On February 4th, two new coronavirus drugs made significant achievements and important advances. On the same day, the official website of wuhan virus research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that a joint study by the Institute of Military Medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences, the National Center for Emergency Prevention and Control drug engineering and technology research, found that Redsiewe and chlorpyrifos can effectively suppress the new coronavirus in in vitro experiments.

National Health And Health Commission JoyaHui: In vitro suppression of viral stoking clinically effective

On the same day, changjiang daily published a news that Li Lanxuan’s team in Wuhan published a major antiviral research results showed that Abidore and Dalunawe in in vitro experiments can effectively suppress coronavirus.

Can the experimental new drug be used immediately for patient treatment? Which drugs that are published in in vitro experiments can suppress the new coronavirus are effective and safe?

Can in vitro experiments inhibit viruses tell the way?

Yan News noted that the above two studies are in vitro cell experiments, proved to be effective in suppressing the 2019-nCoV infection, but Wuhan Virus Research Institute in the message also stressed that “its role in the human body has yet to be clinically verified.”

What is the difference between the inhibition of the new coronavirus in in vitro and the drug’s ability to effectively treat disease in the human body?

Just on the afternoon of February 4th, at a press conference held by the National Health and Health Commission, The National Health And Health Commission’s Deputy Director of the Medical And Health Bureau, Jia Yahui, explained: “Now we see from the media that there are some ‘effective’ treatments, medicine is a science, especially when we serve people, there are ethical issues involved here.” “

“Effective” is the result made in laboratory in vitro cells, but the results are still a long way from clinical results, but also through animal experiments, through human clinical studies, said Mr. Joao.

Previously, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Medicine research preliminary findings that the Traditional Chinese drug double yellow even oral liquid can inhibit the new coronavirus also caused concern.

Zhang Lan, director of the pharmacy department of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University and deputy director of the National Drug Clinical Trial Sata, said in an interview with Yan News that the human body is a very complex system, in vitro effective substances for viruses, into the human body is not able to play the same role, in vitro experiments and in vivo experiments are completely different two verification systems. “Looking in vitro, this drug has an effect on the survival of the virus, but this doesn’t mean anything. Zhang Lan said.

For Abidore and Darenave’s research, “Ask the Pharmacist” founder Yan Lianmei also commented: “This and the double yellow lian research, but also preclinical in vitro cell experiments, from clinical trials to confirm that the human body effectively separated by 108,000 miles away, do not rush.” “

Experts recommend potential sequencing of drug candidates

Li Lanxuan members of the team, Zhejiang Aid O critical care team leader, Zhejiang University, the first hospital vice president Chen Zubing in an interview with the Changjiang Daily also introduced, now Abidore, Dalunawe has been in Zhejiang Province, the new coronavirus infection pneumonia patients, the next step is planned to use these two drugs to replace other drugs with poor results.

For The clinical use of Abigail, Ding Sheng, director of the Global Health Drug Research and Development Center (GHDDI) and dean of Tsinghua University’s School of Pharmacy, believes there is a reasonableness, “This drug has been in China for more than 15 years, including Russia may have more than 20 years of drug use history.” This antiviral drug has a considerable amount of clinically effective safety data, especially for influenza treatment. “

At the same time, Ding Sheng proposed: “In addition to the in vitro experiments on the new coronavirus, you can also carefully collect and analyze the use of this drug in patients infected with the new coronavirus, to get further understanding.” “

In this regard, Ding Sheng told The News that it is recommended that the state organize clinical cohort research data analysis and release as soon as possible, including the next step of joint drug research.

How can the effective drug screening work being carried out by many scientists be more orderly and efficient? Ding Sheng also suggested that a national expert group on diagnosis and treatment drug selection should be led by the state authorities to sort the potential of candidate drugs from the perspective of viral characteristics, the pharmacological effects of available drugs, and the dialectical treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine. System organization of scientific research units to focus on anti-viral activity screening and drug efficacy evaluation, to speed up the drug research and development process.

“At the same time, establish a mechanism for inter-departmental coordination and sharing of direct reporting data on communicable diseases.” Ding Sheng said, for example, the National Drug Administration focused on the real-world use of drugs data and evidence conversion applications, providing basic evidence support for follow-up conditional approval and special review procedureapproval of therapeutic drugs, and the use of the infectious disease network direct reporting system for patient epidemiological investigation and retrospective analysis of drug use programmes, the establishment of case queues, On the trend of infectious changes, recommended treatment program sage and non-recommended treatment program drug use, Chinese and Western medicine combined drug and Western medicine alone treatment, such as timely and in-depth retrospective comparative study, the establishment of patient queue, in-depth comparative analysis, found effective treatment drugs, Chinese medicine combined treatment methods.