Redsiewe clinical trial officially launched in Wuhan: 761 patients enrolled

Phase III clinical trial of Remdesivir, a potential drug for new coronary pneumonia, has been officially launched in Wuhan. On the afternoon of February 5, Wang Chen and Cao Bin of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital announced the launch of Remdesivir to treat the 2019 new coronavirus infection at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, health newspaper reported. This means that the recent internet hotly debated antiviral drug, officially began to enter clinical trials.

On the same day, the journalist also learned from Gilead Science that Gilead has reached an agreement with the Chinese health department to support two clinical trials for people infected with 2019-nCoV to determine the safety and effectiveness of Redciewe as a potential treatment for coronavirus. Gilead provides the drugs needed for the research free of charge and supports the design and development of the research.

One study assessed the effectiveness of Redcivir in patients who were hospitalized with 2019-nCoV and were hospitalized but did not exhibit significant clinical symptoms (e.g., additional oxygen absorption), while the other assessed the efficacy of Redcievir in diagnosed patients with more severe clinical symptoms (e.g., the need for oxygen absorption). Both clinical trials, led by Chinese researchers, are conducted in Wuhan.

According to the Sino-Japanese Friendly Hospital, the above-mentioned clinical trials will be involved in a total of 761 patients, of which 308 cases of light and middle patients, 453 cases of severe patients. Professor Cao Bin of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital said the study will conduct a rigorous randomized double-blind trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Redcywe in the new coronary viral pneumonia.

Ridsiewe is a drug already used abroad to treat Ebola virus infection, and has not yet completed all clinical trials abroad. And it in the domestic relevant scientific research units in the process of virus screening show good in vitro activity. Previously, the State Drug Administration has agreed that the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences can conduct clinical trials in patients infected with the new coronavirus.