Not that Microsoft sees Amazon/Google as a cloud service competitor

Like other industry giants, Microsoft has spent billions of dollars over the years building its own cloud services. In dividing competitors, Microsoft sees Amazon and Google as the leaders in future cloud services. That’s what Phil Spencer, the Xbox brand’s director, says.

Not that Microsoft sees Amazon/Google as a cloud service competitor

“When you talk about Nintendo and Sony, we respect them very much, but we think Amazon and Google are the main competitors in the future,” Spencer said in a recent interview. It’s not disrespectful to Nintendo and Sony, but traditional gaming companies are already at a disadvantage to some extent. I guess they might re-create Azure services, but over the years we’ve invested tens of billions of dollars in the cloud. “

Microsoft has built a variety of cloud services, such as Azure and Game Stack, which other companies can use on their platforms. However, Amazon and Google are not far behind. According to Spencer, they may even have an advantage because their vast online ecosystems, such as Twitch and YouTube, can easily expand to reach more users directly.

Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to persuade other companies to choose their cloud services. In this competition, Microsoft sees Amazon and Google as potential threats. Spencer calls Sony and Nintendo “traditional gaming companies” largely because of Microsoft’s success in Azure. Sony, for example, has previously worked with Amazon and Google on cloud demand. So why is Microsoft looking at a bigger picture and competing with Amazon and Google?

Here’s a previous example of Jedi Survival, which abandoned Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2017 and opted for Microsoft Azure. You know that Jedi Survival’s preemptive experience phase on Steam is running on AWS. However, developers prefer what Microsoft provides to PUBG.

Other multiplayer games running on Microsoft Azure include Rainbow Six, Titan Falling, Halo 5: Guardians, Killer, Extreme Racing 7 and more.