New York police to replace handwritten patrol memo with iPhone app

Media reported that the New York police are giving up one of the old police tools. Because starting February 17, they’re going to forgo traditional paper notepads and switch to digital electronic memos based on the iPhone app. With the spread of technology, such operations are nothing new. But for a department with more than 30,000 members, this adjustment also represents a major shift.

New York police to replace handwritten patrol memo with iPhone app

(Instagram via TechSpot)

As early as 2017, the New York Police Department replaced 36,000 outdated Windows Phones with iPhones. Soon, however, these devices will soon play a more important role.

It is reported that digital memos can facilitate more effective police access and search of note-keeping entries in follow-up investigations, and authorities can remotely write off reports and remotely monitor the conduct of police officers.

In addition, digital memos can reduce paper waste. The New York Times notes that the New York Police Department’s printing department provides tens of thousands of paper notes every month.

Police officers have long expected to keep records until they retire in case they have to be challenged to extract evidence and be subpoenaed. The good news is that digital records are now being managed and maintained by specific departments.

For an older police officer, it may still be a great feeling to miss holding a pen and paper. But young officers are clearly more comfortable with the technological shift.