‘A wonderful duel’ between two stars creates ‘amazing gas environment’

A new image from the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope shows “a wonderful duel” between two stars,media reported. The star in the binary system HD101584 is located at the center of the bright green dot. Colorful bubbles represent unusual gas clouds, which have caught the attention of scientists.

'A wonderful duel' between two stars creates 'amazing gas environment'

A team of astronomers led by Hans Olofsson of the Technical University of Chalmes in Sweden has figured out how these stars formed what the European Southern Observatory calls a “complex and stunning gas environment”, as can be seen in ALMA images. The story begins when its main star expands into a red giant, part of the process of death. It is so big that it devours its companion star.

“In response, the smaller stars circled the core of the red giant, but did not collide with it,” ESA said in a statement on Wednesday. Instead, the action triggers a larger star explosion, causing its gas layer to disperse sharply and its core to be exposed. “