(Pictured) Do Windows 10 still need to start the menu?

Back in 2012, Microsoft made an important decision that surprised everyone — cancelthe start menus and start buttons. Microsoft made a bold attempt to switch to the Start menu in addition to introducing the Microsoft Store, which many thought was a huge mistake.

(Pictured) Do Windows 10 still need to start the menu?

In July 2015, Microsoft brought a more modern start menu to Windows 10, combining the original design of Windows 7 with the start screen of Windows 8, and integrating live tiles and more. Since the first release of Windows 10, there have been no significant changes to the Start Menu, mainly detail tuning and stability adjustments. Although it has been rumoured that Microsoft plans to make more improvements to the Start menu, such as removing live tiles, Microsoft’s improvements to the Start Menu have all but stalled.

In the past few weeks,media SoftPedia says many readers believe the Start Menu has become an outdated feature of Windows, and their day-to-day operations are used to fixing frequently used applications to the taskbar. Bogdan Popa, editor of softMedia SoftPedia, also says it relies more on the taskbar to launch the application than on the Start menu itself.

The main purpose of his use of the Start Menu is to search, because Microsoft has integrated the Start Menu and Search features into Windows 10. Of course, he’s also used to using win-R,Win-X shortcuts to enable them quickly. As a result, his personal need for start menus has become less and less, and the occasional use of the Start Menu is to launch an application.

So is the Start menu now an extra feature of Windows 10? What do you think? Do you use the Start menu frequently in your daily operations?

Regardless of the answer, Bogdan Popa believes the start menu should not disappear immediately. After all, there are a lot of people who aren’t very familiar with the operating system and need to interact with the Start menu. The Start menu is a key part of the familiar Windows experience, and removing the Start menu theoretically means that the concept of Windows 8 is re-emerged.