Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that’s gone

This month, Microsoft Windows 7, a classic operating system, officially ended its life cycle. Microsoft announced that it will no longer provide any form of updates to Win7, including security updates, stability updates, and feature updates, and friends who are still using Win7 believe they have received push notifications from Microsoft to upgrade to Win10 as soon as possible. As an operating system that went on sale in 2009, Win7 has indeed come to the end of its life.

The disappearance of Win7 is part of the historical process, and it has done its mission brilliantly. And driven by the tide of history, the fading Microsoft product, and then is Win7? A lot of software from Microsoft, but also in the operating system and even the entire software ecosystem in the replacement, gradually towards the end. Today, let’s take stock of the Microsoft software that was classic in the Win7 era and is now obsolete by history?

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, short for WMP, is a familiar player. In the era of Windows 3.1, WMP began to be built into Windows systems, and it has had a profound impact on the industry.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

WMP has not been updated for a long time

First of all, WMP as a pre-installed media player of Windows, a major role is to serve as a platform to promote Microsoft’s own media format. For example, Microsoft’s WMA audio format is promoted through WMP, competing with MP3 and AAC, and for example, Microsoft’s VC-1 video encoding, which competes with H.264 through WMP promotion. These wars over the right to set the standards for media formats, once a victory means that after that video, audio encoding, decoding standards are in full control, the money is unlimited.

However, Microsoft did not achieve the ultimate victory, the current mainstream format of audio is still MP3/AAC/DTS, video is H.264/H.265, but Microsoft participated in the multimedia standard-setting war, its derivative technology, competition process, all the technology to promote, standard simprovement has a positive impact, the importance of WMP can be seen.

Second, the industry by the influence of WMP, the birth of a god-class player – MPC. MPC’s full name is Media Player Classic, and it can be seen from the name that it has something to do with Windows Media Player. Microsoft launched WMP 7.0 in 2000, and some users were unhappy with the new version, so it wrote a tribute to the classic WMP 6.4 software, or MPC. The MPC interface is similar to WMP 6.4, but open source, free, and supports external decoding, it has been surviving, maintaining updates to the present, can support the most advanced encoding, can be said to be a must-have for video enthusiasts.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

WMP 6.4 (left) and MPC

Moreover, WMP has also taken on the role of anti-piracy. After the introduction of WMP 11, a genuine verification mechanism has been added, and if you are using a pirated system, you may be prompted by WMP “You may be a victim of pirated software”.

WMP was also once an online music selling platform that Microsoft has a high hope of competing with Apple’s iTunes. In Win7, WMP evolved to Windows Media Center, integrating services such as music, video, photo albums and even gaming. However, the pace of WMP/WMC has slowed.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

Microsoft’s multimedia platform ambitions are reflected in Windows Media Center

WMP/WMC carries Microsoft’s ambition to set standards and build a content platform, but it doesn’t do much. As the release updates, it’s becoming more bloated, and even with highlights such as excellent library management, it won’t attract more users.

In the era of Windows 10, Microsoft abandoned WMP and replaced it with the lighter and more lightweight APPS of “Groove Music,” “Movies and TV” and more. WMP is pre-installed in Windows 10, but its version has been in the WMP 12 decades since it was released with Win 7. WMP can be said to have been broken into the cold palace, it has been your petting?

Games for Windows Live

Now that people buy PC games, the first thing they’re looking for is probably Steam. But in the first decade of the twenty-first century, Steam is not as secure as it is now sitting in the online game shop. At the time, some giants, including Microsoft, also saw opportunities in game distribution, and Microsoft’s trick was Games for Windows.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

Microsoft’s strategic product in the field of gaming – GFWL

We know that Microsoft is one of the big three game consoles, and Windows is the most suitable PC system for gaming, so Microsoft has a unique advantage in game distribution. Microsoft defined a series of Games for Windows specifications in 2006, many of which are based on this specification, and in 2007, Microsoft launched the Games for Windows Live platform, where the software is installed with the game installed. Games must be launched through Games for Windows Live, while games can share achievements through Games for Windows Live and Xbox to better support the Xbox handle and even be able to fight Xbox players.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

With GFWL, multi-person online, communication, etc. can be achieved

However, Games for Windows Live suffered a blood-clot failure. The actual experience for Games for Windows Live is very poor, and just sign up (you need to sign up for both the Games for Windows Live account and the Xbox Live account) to make people dizzy. Games based on Games for Windows Live can also have many limitations, such as the need to connect to a Live server to be archived. Once the Live server crashes, the game doesn’t even play properly.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

GFWL is a pretty bad experience, whether installed, registered or actually used, and is one of the most abhorrent products for players

Games for Windows Live caused a lot of trouble for players and was not successful, and Microsoft shut down the service on July 4, 2014.

Games for Windows Live in the Win7 era affected a large wave of games, its impact continues to this day, many of the game’s genuine still need to be first through Games for Windows Live login to play – but Games for Windows Windows Live was out of service, which affected a lot of games and even sales. Recently, “GTA4” went off the shelves in Steam because the game was based on Games for Windows Live, and now Games for Windows Live is out of service, GTA4 can no longer create a new genuine key to continue selling.

In Win10, Microsoft has long since abandoned Games for Windows Live, and features have been replaced by services such as Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass. Have you ever been a gamer of Games for Windows Live?

Internet Explorer

This is no one knows no one knows the software, Internet Explorer referred to as IE, once is synonymous with web browsers, and even today, there are still some institutional websites need to use IE to play a function.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

If you say you’ve never used IE, it’s not insincere.

IE has been bundling Windows 95 systems to serve consumers since 1995. With a bundled installation trick and more advanced features such as CSS support at the time, IE beat Netscape and dominated the browser market. By the time of WinXP and IE 6.0, IE was invincible, it was the most powerful, it had the largest share, and everyone had to prioritize compatibility with it. By this time, Netscape had no fighting power, and IE had become the standard of fact for browsers.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

The most classic IE6

In the days that followed, Internet giant Google’s funding of Firefox Challenge IE did not completely shake up IE’s dominance, but Google rolled up its sleeves and went to work for itself, competing with Chrome and IE, which was different. Chrome is more advanced than IE, more powerful, and even more so, with its binding to Android WebView, the Chrmoium kernel has become the de facto standard for the mobile Internet – something similar in nature to Win’s bundled IE.

Win7 is the peak of Microsoft desktop system, is also The last song of IE. In the Win10 era, Microsoft lost the mobile market, in the mobile Internet explosion of the historical trend, Microsoft is unable to reverse Chrome’s erosion of the entire browser market. Even if IE changed its name, improved its technology, and transformed itself into an Edge browser, it would be hard to change the war.

Windows 7 is dead, how much do you know about Microsoft software that's gone

With the new Edge browser of the Chromium kernel, IE Scent fire is finally broken

Microsoft has decided to forgo the self-developing browser kernel, and Edge will switch to the Chromium kernel. This means that IE will be a thing of the past, and Chrome is a long way from being unified. You have used IE, I am afraid I can not imagine That IE actually has and you say goodbye to the day.


The software mentioned above is basically Microsoft’s strategic product. In addition, along with Win7 fade out of view, there are drawings, writing boards and other classic Microsoft software. In the baptism of time, and then beautiful old things, will eventually fade the light, perhaps one day, Win10 will be like Win7 and many classic Microsoft software, become the dust of history.