Apple’s “destiny” reversal of 2019 iPhone India shipments up 41% year-on-year

Apple’s fortunes in India have “reversed”, with shipments of iPhones estimated to have increased by 41% year-on-year in 2019, according to a report by Market Research. The iPhone XR is the best-selling smartphone in the “ultra-high-end” smartphone space, ahead of Samsung Electronics and One Plus models, the research firm said. In addition, the iPhone 11 is selling well.

“Ultra-high-end” smartphones in India are category smartphones that sell for more than 45,000 rupees ($634). The market research firm said Apple’s aggressive price promotions were key to a significant increase in iPhone shipments.

Apple is the fastest-growing high-end smartphone brand in 2019, with shipments of the iPhone up 41% year-on-year, driven by multiple price cuts for the iPhone XR. “Apple’s iPhone XR is the best-selling ultra-high-end smartphone model in India, followed by Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S10 Plus and One Plus 7 Pro, the report reads. “

“In addition, apple launched a new iPhone 11 series in India during the year and adopted an aggressive pricing and channelstrategy,” the report said. In fact, the new line, especially the iPhone 11, was launched at a lower price than when the iPhone XR was launched last year. This helped Apple gain market share in India at the time of its launch and in the holiday season. “

Overall sales of high-end smartphones in India performed well in 2019, while Apple’s 41% year-on-year shipments exceeded the industry’s 29% average and exceeded Samsung Electronics’ 24% growth in ultra-high-end models.

The research institute expects shipments of iPhones in India to grow further this year.

Wistron is said to be assembling the iPhone printed circuit board (PCB) in India for the first time, while research firms say the iPhone is now being built in India in the form of CKD, which is assembled in India after importing all bulk. Analysts say this could help reduce production costs, driving lower iPhone sales and increased demand.

“We expect Apple to perform strongest in India in 2020 as it has expanded its production capacity in India,” the report said. Now, Apple is making the iPhone in the form of CKD. The implementation of these initiatives will help Apple brands offer competitive pricing in price-sensitive markets such as India. “