North Korea Launches “Jindalai 7” Phone: Supports Voice Input Unique Shape

North Korean media “Today North Korea” 5 released the new smartphone “JinDalai 7”, it is understood that the phone supports voice, face and fingerprint recognition technology, but also voice input. Reported that the “Jindalai 7” mobile phone, developed and produced by North Korea’s Wanjingtai Information Technology Company, has the most advanced biometric technology based on voice, fingerprint and face.

“JinDalai 7” (North Korea Today)

Support for multiple identification technologies/North Korea Today

“JinDalai Input Method” (North Korea Today)

It is worth mentioning that the phone also added the function of text input based on speech recognition in address book, business processing, and note-type applications, which is known as the “Kindalai input method”.

Picture/North Korea Today

“North Korea Today” said that the current Wanjingtai Information Technology Company developed and produced a variety of unique shape, easy to use, popular after the market. Graduated from Kim Il Sung Comprehensive University, Jinze University of Technology and other first-class universities, such as ph.d. and master’s degree, such as dozens of talented researchers, is committed to mobile terminal and fixed equipment development, operating system development, biometric technology and game software development. (Overseas Network Liu Qiang)