Gilead responds to Redswell patent: 2016 filed globally

In response to the Wuhan Virus Institute on Gilead drug Remdesivir’s new indications of the anti-coronary virus infection pneumonia application for a Chinese patent invention, February 6, the first financial reporter from Gilead only learned that Gilead has filed patents worldwide in 2016 on the compound and its use for coronaviruses, including in China. But China’s application has yet to be approved.

Original title: Gilead’s exclusive response to TheRidwest Patent: 2016 has been filed globally

Gilead responds to Redswell patent: 2016 filed globally

“Gilead developed Remdesivir and has patents in the US, China and other parts of the world, ” says Mr Gilead. In 2016, Gilead filed more patents in China and around the world for Remdesivir’s use of coronaviruses. In China, patent applications for coronavirus applications have yet to be approved. “

“We have noticed the patent application of the Relevant Drugs by the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, ” Gilead said. “But stress that it is too early to discuss any mandatory or other types of licensing at this stage.” “We have not had any discussions with regulators about Gilead’s production supply costs or financial returns. “Our focus now is to identify the potential therapeutic effects of Remdesivir for the new coronavirus as soon as possible and to accelerate production and supply to meet potential future supply demand,” the company told First Financial. “

Gilead did not say whether it would challenge the Wuhan Virus Research Institute’s patent. “Gilead has no authority to interfere with whether the Patent Office grants patents to Chinese researchers,” the company said. The patent application from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute was filed more than three years after Gilead filed the application, and consideration of the application will combine current knowledge of the synthetic drug and the patent being filed. We can’t comment on the details of a researcher’s patent application because it won’t be published until 18 months later. “

Earlier, Wuhan Virus Research Institute said in a statement issued on February 4: “For the drug ridsion, which is not yet listed in China and has intellectual property barriers, we filed a patent for Chinese invention on January 21st from the point of view of protecting the national interest, in accordance with international practice and from the point of view of protecting the national interest(the use of the new coronavirus 2019), It will also enter major countries around the world through the PCT (Patent Cooperation Agreement). If foreign related enterprises intend to contribute to the prevention and control of China’s epidemic, we agree that the implementation of the patent claims in the case of national needs. “

On the morning of February 6th, the first financial reporter called the Wuhan Virus Research Institute Redsiwe paper co-author, Wuhan Virus Research Institute Wang Manli researcher, has not been answered;