Three men jailed for extortion using ‘new drift bottle’ app

On the morning of November 6, according to Haidian Court Network News, the Haidian Court recently concluded a case of extortion using the “New Drift Bottle” app. According to reports, the three together with an app called “new drifting bottle” to send chat invitations to non-specific target groups, the success of the victim Wang a certain 5000 yuan.


The following is the full text of the Haidian Court Case Express:

Xiaoxu and Xiaozhuang are classmates of the technical school, two people want to make money through the network means, so Xiaoxu called On Xiaomin, three people together with an app called “new drifting bottle” to send chat invitations to non-specific target groups, successfully defrauded the victim Wang a certain 5000 yuan. Recently, Haidian court concluded the case.

How did Xu and others succeed by writing drifting bottles?

Step 1: Throw the bottle

After the division of labor, Xiaomin is mainly responsible for “throwing bottles”. With men as the main target, Xiaomin sends chat applications to non specific groups through the “new drifting bottle” app. Most of the chat content is similar to “little brother, have you eaten?” to lure male users to join the chat. It is in this case that Wang fell into the designed trap.

Step 2: QQ Chat

After sending the chat application, Xiaomin received more than ten responses, including Wang Mou, the victim of the case. After Xiaozhuang and Xiaoxu see someone reply, they continue to pretend to be women, add QQ number to each other and continue to chat in depth, and attract each other to hook up by means of false communication with each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend.

Step 3: Send Virus

After in-depth chat, when the time is right, Xiaozhuang and Xiaoxu will ask each other if they are willing to talk naked. If the other party agrees, send the Trojan virus link to the other party, falsely claiming to be the address of the live room for naked chat. Wang is clicking on the link at the same time, the mobile phone is implanted with a Trojan virus, and the contact information of the address book is obtained by Xiaozhuang and others.

Step 4: Record video

Wang found that he could not enter the live room after clicking the link. At this time, Xiaozhuang and others would invite him to have a video chat directly. After the video was connected, they would play the prepared female naked video to Wang. At the same time, they would record Wang’s naked chat video and hang up the video after playing for about a minute.

Step 5: Extortion of money

After the video is hung up, Xiaozhuang and others will send the recorded naked chat video of the other party and the mobile phone address book obtained through the Trojan virus to Wang, and then connect with the other party through QQ voice. If you want to delete the video or the virus in the mobile phone address book, you need to pay, otherwise you will send the indecent video to Wang’s friend in the address book. Under pressure, Wang transfered 5000 yuan to them.

During the trial, the evidence provided by the prosecution concluded that the actions of the three defendants constituted extortion. Xiaozhuang, Xiao xu and Xiaomin three defendants in the trial of their own criminal facts have confessed, and said that he because of young ignorance, weak legal awareness and embarked on the path of crime, the defense also asked the court to consider the whole crime facts and sentencing circumstances from light punishment. In the end, the court found that all three defendants constituted extortion, comprehensive consideration of the three defendants’ guilty attitude, Xiaomin returned the victim’s loss and other circumstances, Xiaozhuang, Xiaoxu, Xiaomin were sentenced to 6 months to 8 months of imprisonment, and Xiaomin applied probation.

The judge reminded

As the types of social software continue to be refurbished, the number of cases of extortion using social app is on the rise. In daily life, strengthening self-prevention awareness and taking necessary preventive measures in a timely manner is the key to avoid victimization.

First, do not easily point links. Social software provides a platform for strangers to communicate with each other, and without full trust, don’t easily click on the links sent by the other person to avoid being implanted with trojan viruses.

Second, enhance the awareness of personal information protection. Through social software chat, to pay special attention to protect personal information, information related to their identity can not be easily disclosed to the other side, all possible access to their own information should be vigilant, for example, do not provide each other with their own photos, audio and video calls to prevent being stolen.

Third, call the police in time. If you find yourself victimized by extortion or other means, call the police first, seek police help, and keep the data in order to detect the need.

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