Nissan Leaf completes 230-mile self-driving journey in UK

According tomedia reports, a Nissan-led project has just achieved its goal. The project is understood to be aimed at a fully autonomous driving journey in the UK to help drive and advance research into self-driving cars. On Wednesday, local time, the company announced that the HumanDrive project had successfully completed its first autonomous driving trip in the UK.

Nissan Leaf completes 230-mile self-driving journey in UK

A Nissan Leaf equipped with self-driving hardware and software completes 230 miles of driving in the UK.

This is not a race made up entirely of straight highways, with suspected cheating, but rather includes roads such as ring roads, highways and even unmarked roads. It is reported that in order to ensure proper operation, there is still a human driver sitting in the car, but he will not be involved in driving.

In a statement, British MP Nadhim Zahawai said: “The safe completion of the UK’s longest autonomous driving drive is an incredible achievement for both Nissan and the Human Driving Alliance and a major step forward for the introduction of self-driving cars on the streets of the UK. The project is a shining example of how the automotive industry works with governments to drive technological advances and help reduce carbon emissions while benefiting people. “

Since this is only a research project, don’t expect self-driving cars to appear on the road any time soon. However, HumanDrive’s achievements will help shape the self-driving cars of the future.