Google’s public transport-focused app Pigeon adds 5 new cities support

According to foreign media reports, although Google has launched some traffic applications such as waze, Google maps, etc., they are more suitable for the user groups of car driving or walking. If you need to query the public transport related? No problem. Engineers in the area 120 experimental Department of the company are already developing a traffic application focusing on public transport, the Pigeon.


It is reported that Pigeon is a bit similar to waze of public transport. The application development project, launched last year, aims to use crowdsourcing technology to help commuters travel through complex subway systems without encountering unexpected situations such as delays, outages and service changes.

In a blog post Tuesday local time, project leader Laura rokita announced that the app is expanding to five new cities outside New York: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

iOS users can now download the app, but Android users will have to wait a while. In addition, Google is expected to bring the app to more cities.

It’s unclear whether Google will integrate Pigeon into existing Google Maps or Waze. But one thing is certain, any thing that will help improve public transport is popular with users.

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