U.S. Attorney General: Google Blocks Antitrust Investigation, Doesn’t Rule Out Spin-off

26 (UPI) — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is leading the antitrust investigation against Google, has accused the company of obstructing and delaying the investigation and vowed to carry it over,media reported. Paxton noted that Google was willing to take a tougher stance on the stouspoint approach by trying to prevent the state from using some outside advisers to intervene in the investigation.

U.S. Attorney General: Google Blocks Antitrust Investigation, Doesn't Rule Out Spin-off

Paxton also said he would not rule out any possible penalties against Google, including splitting the search and advertising giant.

In response, a Google spokesman said, “We have been working constructively with the Attorney General of Texas to investigate him, and we have provided a great deal of information, although we would like assurances that our confidential trade information will not be shared with competitors or outspoken complainants.” “

In September 2019, Texas announced it would launch an investigation into Google, with the support of 49 attorneys general from almost all U.S. states and territories. Paxton said his investigation is focusing on Google’s advertising business, while other states are investigating other anticompetitive complaints, such as Android and search.

On Tuesday, Local time, Paxton and several other state attorneys general met with senior U.S. Justice Department officials who are also investigating Google. Earlier, Makan Delrahim, the Justice Department’s top antitrust official, recused himself from the Google investigation because of a “conflict of interest.”

Paxton would not discuss whether the states would eventually join the Justice Department. But he acknowledged that Google’s vast resources put states at a disadvantage, and that the final investigation could drag on for years.