Astronomers discover a dead “monster” galaxy lurking in deep space

Over the years, scientists studying space have discovered countless galaxies that are at different stages of life — from new stars produced by new galaxies to ancient star clouds,media reported. In a new paper published in Astrophysical Journal, astronomers at the University of California, Riverside, say galaxies labeled XMM-2599 fall into the latter category.

The XMM-2599 is very old, and at some point it’s like a star-making factory, and for a long time before it stops, it’s been rapidly creating new stars.

“Even 2 billion years before the birth of the universe, XMM-2599 formed a galaxy of more than 300 billion solar masses, making it a super-large galaxy,” Benjamin Forrest, the study’s first author, said in a statement. We found that XMM-2599 formed most of its stars less than a billion years into the universe, and then became inactive when the universe was only 1.8 billion years old. “

Forrest and his team have exploited W. M. Keck Observatory data determine the distance of XMM-2599 from Earth. In its most active, it produces large numbers of stars at an incredible rate, and the team estimates that it produces about 1,000 solar masses per year. However, as people can see now, this galaxy is like a burning ghost.

“We found that the XMM-2599 is inactive,” said study team member Gillian Wilson. We know it won’t lose quality. Here’s the interesting question, and that’s what’s going on around it. Over time, will it attract nearby stars to form galaxies by gravity and become a bright city of galaxies? “