Asiana Airlines receives 11th A350

On February 4, 2020, Asiana Airlines successfully received its order for the 11th Airbus A350 wide-body aircraft. The A350, as the “main force” of Asiana Airlines’ long-haul routes, has been launched to operate long-haul routes in the Americas and Europe, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, London, Paris and Lisbon. In addition, Asiana Airlines has also put into operation A350 aircraft on short and medium-term routes such as Japan (Tokyo Narita), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Jakarta).

Asiana Airlines receives 11th A350

Asiana Airlines in the introduction of the latest aircraft at the same time actively explore long-haul routes, continue to strengthen the capacity of international long-haul routes, improve the international route network, in order to enhance competitiveness in the international aviation market. It is reported that Asiana Airlines in late October to December 2019, respectively, opened incheon to Lisbon, Melbourne, Cairo and other irregular long-distance flights, the existing New York route also increased to operate two flights per day.

Asiana Airlines receives 11th A350

The Asiana Airlines A350 was the first airliner to offer in-flight wifi in South Korea, not only with more cabin space, but also a 25 percent increase in fuel efficiency over its class of long-range aircraft.

Moreover, the external air, compressed and cooled by high temperature and high pressure in the aviation engine, is mixed with the internal circulating air purified through a special air filtration system at a ratio of 1:1 to supply clean air to the aircraft.

The HEPA filtration system of the special device in the machine can not only filter out 99.99% of the suspended virus particles 0.01 to 0.1 microns smaller than the coronavirus (0.08 to 0.16 microns), but also can replace the air once every 2-3 minutes, effectively ensuring air freshness.

The circulatory system uses the method of repeatedly “draining the internal air from the inside of the aircraft to the underseat” when draining the air, avoiding the flow of air back and forth in the cabin, greatly reducing the possibility of the virus spreading in the aircraft.

It is reported that Asiana Airlines from 2017 the first introduction of A350 aircraft, so far a total of 11 of this aircraft, by the end of this year will receive two more A350 aircraft.