Battle AMD 5nm Zen 4? Intel 2022 production 7nm CPU processor

For Intel, the most difficult period of the past year has passed – with the 10nm process entering the HVM mass production phase in 2020, they are on track for advanced processes. The next target is 7nm, which will be Intel’s first advanced process with EUV lithography, which will start in 2021, but the CPU will be 7nm in 2022.

At last year’s supercomputing conference, Intel officially released the Ponte Vecchio GPU chip, which will be manufactured using the Intel 7nm process and will be Intel’s first Xe architecture-based GPU, as well as Intel Foveros 3D, EMIB ( Embedded multi-chip interconnect bridge) packaging technology.

The Ponte Vecchio GPU is planned to be mass produced in 2021, the first of its kind in the Intel 7nm process.

Battle AMD 5nm Zen 4? Intel 2022 production 7nm CPU processor

Since the Ponte Vecchio GPU is data center-oriented, and the average person has nothing to do with it, we are more concerned about when Intel will launch the 7nm CPU processor, although now the 10nm desktop version of the processor is not released, but 7nm is obviously more worth looking forward to.

At a recent Q4 earnings conference, Intel CEO Steve Schip talked about the progress of advanced process chips, with the launch of a high-performance version of the 10nm processor (referring to the server version of Ice Lake-SP) in the second half of 2020, the first performance upgrade to the 10nm process. The Ponte Vecchio GPU chip will be delivered by the end of 2021 and the CPU processor will be available shortly after 2022.

Simply put, Intel will introduce a 7nm CPU processor in 2022.

Intel has previously reiterated its two-yearly Tick-Tock strategy on the 7nm node, and has reason to believe that the 7nm processor, launched in 2022, will be mass-produced.

Of course, we still don’t know anything about the Intel processor of the 7nm process, the code name, the CPU architecture, the GPU architecture, and nothing, but in 2022 its opponent sits basically, and that’s AMD’s 5nm Zen4 architecture, if AMD’s progress is going very well, It’s possible to even launch the Zen5 in 2022 with a 5nm plus process.