Xbox executive says The Coalition studio is in stable condition

It was recently announced that Rod Ferguson, head of The Coalition Studios, would leave to join Blizzard in charge of the Diablo series. Ferguson has been involved in the production of the Gears Tactics series since epic Games, leading the series into a new era in a new studio environment early in the generation.

Losing such an important member is obviously a blow to Microsoft, but Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, believes that The Coalition is now all right, in stable condition, and can well find a new leader to lead them forward.

Xbox executive says The Coalition studio is in stable condition

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Booty said the Coalition is “a group of world-class talent” who are ready to “find new leaders for the studio and really shape the future” because their leadership is made up of senior people. ”

“Looking ahead, I firmly believe that one of the most valuable and important assets in the gaming industry is the studios that have collaborated and released high-quality 3A-class games,” Booty said. “Obviously, The Coalition is a real lying group of world-class talent. We are also fortunate that our leadership team has a lot of veterans. So we’re in a stable situation now, and that gives us the opportunity to go out and find a new leader for the studio and really shape the future. ”

Booty also believes that there is still much potential untapped for the Gears Tactics series and believes That The Coalition has enough “raw materials” and talent to tap those potentials.

“I think about this series from the perspective of the worldview, the characters and the plot,” he said. “These are really important. In the fictional sci-fi world context, Gears Tactics has great potential for development, both in terms of development and change. I am confident that we have enough ‘raw materials’ and talent to move on. ”

Gears Tactics was launched on April 28 for the PC platform and landed in the Steam/Windows store.