PCMark 10 Application Test: Microsoft’s new Edge browser improves performance by at least 10%

Microsoft’s new Edge browser, based on Chromium, was released on January 15th, and after moving to Chrome Eco, Microsoft’s developers no longer need edgy nearly half of Windows’ kernel code, but are also compatible with a large number of Chrome extensions.

Ul Benchmarks announced that PCMark 10 application tests show that the new Edge performs at least 10% better than the old Edge.

PCMark 10 App Testing currently supports four software slots: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Edge, but the application test is part of the Pro Suite, costing up to $1,495 a year.

PCMark 10 Application Test: Microsoft's new Edge browser improves performance by at least 10%

UL says the application tests are based on simulated everyday use, with Edge being social media, online shopping, map navigation, online video, regular web pages, and more.

This time, the new Edge got 9,631 points, while the old Edge got 8,435.