7-Eleven to launch unmanned cash register pilot project in Texas

A convenience store that relies on technology rather than cashiers to keep it running may sound like a futuristic concept, but there are many such concepts being tested around the world, according tomedia New Atlas. 7-Eleven is one of the latest companies to enter the market, announcing Thursday that it is piloting a new unregistered store in Texas.

7-Eleven to launch unmanned cash register pilot project in Texas

The store, located at its 7-Eleven headquarters in Irvine, Texas, is open only to company employees and, if all goes well, can be rolled out to the public.

Unlike traditional stores, customers use smartphone apps to handle all purchases, algorithms and “predictive techniques” that track individual customers and their purchases, and then provide detailed receipts in the app after walking out of the door.

This approach is similar to that of convenience store Amazon Go, which also relies on smartphone apps and opened to company employees in 2016. Wheelys, a convenience store that opened in Shanghai in 2017, is another example of this approach. 7-Eleven hopes to introduce the idea to customers later.

“The new store technology that 7-Eleven employees first introduced has proven to be a very effective testing and learning method before reaching a wider audience,” said Mani Suri, senior vice president of 7-Eleven. “They provide honest and honest feedback, which allows us to learn and adjust quickly to improve the experience.” This in-house customization technology, customized by 7-Eleven engineers, is designed for our current and future customers. “