Cook: Apple may see impact of China’s new corona virus

Even Apple is not immune to the new coronavirus that is sweeping the world, and its suppliers and stores are affected by the deadly disease,media reported. Apple CEO Tim Cook said last week that the company has suppliers in Wuhan, China. He said the company had other parts and was working on mitigation plans to cover possible production losses.

Cook: Apple may see impact of China's new corona virus

Mr Cook said the Chinese government’s extension of the Spring Festival holiday from the end of January to February 10 would delay the start of Apple’s supplier factory. But even if suppliers do resume work next Monday, a two-week shutdown could mean delays in production of some equipment. Apple’s 45 million Pairs of AirPods could be in trouble, according to a report published Thursday by The Nikkei Asian Review.

For now, Apple has temporarily closed all of its stores in mainland China and closed its offices and contact centers in China until February 9.

On a conference call with analysts after the company reported record earnings on January 28th, Mr Cook said the situation was not stable and that they were still gathering large amounts of data and monitoring it closely.