Sun Yuchen Reveals Details of Dinner with Buffett: Talk about the Value of Tesla’s Investments

In July 2019, Sun Yuchen, a currency ring magnate and founder of Wavefield TRON, postponed Buffett’s lunch, which had been sold for $4.568 million, citing “sudden kidney stones.” Half a year later, Sun Yuchen said on Twitter on the evening of February 6th that he had joined Warren E. Buffett, the “god of stocks” on the evening of January 23. Buffett, who had dinner, said Buffett had expressed support and advice on the next phase of the wave-field TRON development, and also talked about bitcoin, Tesla and other topics.

Sun Yuchen Reveals Details of Dinner with Buffett: Talk about the Value of Tesla's Investments

On January 23, Sun Yuchen (fourth from left) had dinner with four insiders with Buffett (third from left). Photo credit: Sun Yuchen Twitter

Sun Yuchen posted 15 tweets detailing the details of the dinner.

Dinner bill $515.05, Buffett pays

Sun’s meal with Buffett was originally scheduled for San Francisco, but has since been changed to the Happy Valley Club in Omaha, Nebraska. According to Sun Yuchen’s bill, the actual cost of the dinner was $515.05, paid for by Buffett.

Sun Yuchen Reveals Details of Dinner with Buffett: Talk about the Value of Tesla's Investments

Sun Yuchen’s dinner bill Picture: Sun Yuchen Twitter

“It’s worth it for $4.56 million, and the insights I’ve gained are priceless,” Sun said. All your friends enjoythised the dinner! “

Buffett confirms blockchain outlook but doubts about Bitcoin

Sun said he and Buffett talked about blockchain, Bitcoin, Tesla and other topics.

According to him, Buffett believes blockchain has broad prospects and says many companies in his portfolio, such as JP Morgan, are exploring the field. Buffett is curious about how blockchain will affect payments over the next 10 years. Still, Buffett believes bitcoin has a long way to go to capture the value of blockchain.

Sun Yuchen told Buffett that Bitcoin will be the next generation’s common currency. “I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in dollars, ” Buffett laughs. “

Earlier, Buffett told the U.S. media CNBC reported: “Bitcoin has no value at all, sitting in front of the mine all day to dig up a bitcoin or other currency, is basically an illusion.” “

In addition, Sun said he invested in Tesla after 2012. In this regard,

Buffett points out that Tesla is a good company, but he doesn’t think Tesla is a good investment at the moment. Because of the fierce competition in the auto industry, all competitors with big money like Tesla will not be out of the market.

“I’m surprised Buffett knew about it, and Buffett told me he’s been following it on Twitter,” Sun wrote of the previous meal with Apple co-founder Watts. Watts, Buffett wants me to greet you and say you’re the legend who shaped Apple. “

Sun Yuchen Gives Buffett a Variety of Cryptocurrencies

In a tweet, Sun said Buffett received the “first bitcoin” he had given, which was safely stored in Buffett’s Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. Since his gift, the price of bitcoin has risen by 16%.

At the same time, Sun Yuchen also gave Buffett two built-in wave field TRON wallet Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phones, and transferred 1930,830 TRX (wave field currency, as of about $44,000), as well as 100 BTT, 100 WINS and 100 TRC standard USDT (Teda coin). The number of wave-field coins given away is based on Buffett’s birthday, which is August 30, 1930. Buffett joked that he wanted to be born later so he could get more wave money.

To show the speed of the wave field, Sun Yuchen transferred 4567888 wave-field coins between different addresses, and said Buffett was very impressed.

In addition, since the two were born in 1930 and 1990, both in the Year of the Horse, Sun Yuchen gave Buffett a bronze horse and a pair of traditional Chinese paper cuts to celebrate the Year of the Rat in 2020.

Sun Yuchen Reveals Details of Dinner with Buffett: Talk about the Value of Tesla's Investments

Sun Yuchen’s bronze horse Picture: Sun Yuchen Twitter

According to Sun Yuchen’s tweet, Buffett presented Benjamin Graham’s “Smart Investors,” Alice Schroeder’s Snowball, and other books, including “Smart Investors.” A book is Buffett’s favorite. Sun Yuchen presented Buffett with a book he had written and wrote “A Brave New World” (a brave new world (7.570, -0.18, -2.32%).

Sun Yuchen Reveals Details of Dinner with Buffett: Talk about the Value of Tesla's Investments

Buffett’s book Photo: Sun Yuchen Twitter

Sun Yuchen praises Buffett for full of vitality and vitality

“I’m very willing to follow in the footsteps of Buffett and Bill Gates to create cryptocurrencies by increasing the open transparency of blockchain and enhancing global reach, like the Coinan Charitable Foundation, which I endorsed by Buffett, which I donated $3 million to the Coin An Charitable Foundation,” Sun said. At the same time, he thanked Buffett for inviting him to join brK (Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway) 2020 and 2030, saying he had learned a lot and would use it for life.

As for Buffett’s comments, Sun Yuchen said, Buffett gave him the impression that he was full of vitality and vitality, a person who understands the meaning of happiness and knows how to embrace laughter in life and spread it to those around him. Mr. Sun said Mr. Buffett was a master of prudence, discipline and patience, who followed his rules and adhered to the rules, had a firm belief, a decisive attitude and a firm attitude toward uncertainty.