Volkswagen transforms European plant to put electric cars into production Foreign media: no precedent

On November 4th Volkswagen launched mass production of its electric vehicle strategic model ID.3 at its Zvikao plant in eastern Germany, foreign media said. The plant will stop production of gasoline and diesel vehicles in the summer of 2020 and convert it to a dedicated electric vehicle plant. It is expected to become Europe’s largest electric vehicle plant by 2022 with an annual production of 330,000 vehicles in six models.

大众改造欧洲工厂投产电动汽车 外媒:无此先例

Volkswagen has invested 1.2 billion euros to convert the Tsvikao plant into a dedicated electric vehicle plant, the Japan Economic News website reported on November 5. VW will start with the “ID.3”, which will be released in September and has reduced prices to diesel cars, to produce electric cars from a number of brands, including Audi.

Reported that the factory will stop production of “Golf” and other models in June 2020. Volkswagen has changed its large plant, which produces 300,000 cars a year, from 100% of its gasoline and diesel cars to 100% of its electric cars, a worldprecedent.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government intends to invest 3.5 billion euros (about 7.76 yuan) in electric vehicle charging facilities, RIA Novosti reported on November 4.

At volkswagen’s electric vehicle launch ceremony in Tsvico, she said the auto industry was undergoing a “mode switch.”

大众改造欧洲工厂投产电动汽车 外媒:无此先例

“This is a fundamental change,” Merkel said. Climate protection, technology development, digitalization, transportation – they mean the car industry has never been more likely to switch modes. ”

“The country will make a huge effort to invest 3.5 billion euros in charging facilities over the next few years,” Merkel said. Nearly 50,000 public charging stations should be built quickly to achieve some reliability. ”

Ms Merkel said electric cars should be as affordable to ordinary consumers as traditional ones.

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