Tesla’s new patent: Touch screen for steering wheel

Even those who are keen to criticize Tesla have to admit that the company has upended the entire auto industry in a relatively short period of time, according tomedia. Thanks to the growing and successful lineup of Tesla’s models, the company has not only normalized the concept of electric vehicles but has also accelerated the global reach of electric vehicles. Tesla’s success, in turn, makes it a threat to electric cars from traditional carmakers such as Porsche and BMW.

Tesla's new patent: Touch screen for steering wheel

A major factor behind Tesla’s success is the company’s willingness to break with the norm: in the Model S, Tesla introduced a digital dashboard, and in the Model 3, it eliminated the cluster under the steering wheel. Whatever the outside world may say, the company seems unafraid to reimagine the established design principles associated with the driving experience.

These are more evident in the patent filings. Recently,media found Tesla’s steering wheel new patent. As can be seen from the design, the steering wheel has a touch interface on both sides. According to the company,’ the company’s introduction suggests, the steering wheel’s user interface may also contain indicators in the lower half of the steering wheel, such as indicating parking, reversing, emptying, or driving mode. The steering wheel also includes RFID detection and NFC activation.