U.S. appeals court won’t reconsider ruling on net neutrality repeal

A U.S. appeals court said late Thursday that it would not reconsider a ruling it ruled in October,media reported. The ruling is reported to largely support repealing the landmark net neutrality rules and rejecting requests from 15 U.S. states, technology and advocacy groups.

U.S. appeals court won't reconsider ruling on net neutrality repeal

The FCC overturned an Obama-era ban on ISPs blocking or restricting traffic or providing paid fast-track, a blow to large technology companies and consumer groups that advocate a fair level playing field for net neutrality.

A spokesman for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said he was pleased with the court’s decision — “The Internet is still free and open, consumers are protected, speeds are up and more Americans are using broadband.” “

But the appeals court also ruled in an October ruling that the FCC’s decision that states could not pass their own legislation on the network was an overreach. It asked the agency to review some aspects of the rules that were repealed in 2017, including the impact on public safety and how the decision would affect government subsidy programs for low-income users.