Tesla hints at new North American plant to produce electric pickup truck

Electric car maker Tesla built a super factory in Shanghai last year and began production of the Model 3 by the end of the year, and the European super plant has been confirmed to be built in Glenhead, a suburb of Brandenburg, germany. Tesla’s fourth-quarter 2019 results show that it may also build a new assembly plant in North America to make electric trucks, pickup trucks and more.

Tesla hints at new North American plant to produce electric pickup truck

Tesla said in its earnings report that it will produce electric trucks in North America, the Tesla Semi, the electric sports car Roadster, the electric pickup Cybertruck, and other subsequent models.

Tesla currently has a vehicle assembly plant in North America, based in Fremont, California, from model S, Model X, Model 3 (before the Shanghai Super plant went into production) and has begun production of the cross-border sport utility model Y.

With a plant in North America and having been in production for many years, Tesla would have included these models in the Fremont plant, rather than in the North American column alone, and the North American is likely to be its planned new assembly plant. Only the plans have not yet been announced, and the location has not yet been determined to replace North America.

It’s also worth noting that Tesla has made great strides in moving cars, but the Model S, Model X and Model 3s it produces are all passenger cars and have years of experience in passenger cars, and electric trucks and pickup trucks are models they haven’t been involved in before. It is also reasonable to build the supporting factory.

In addition, the Tesla Fremont plant is one of only two vehicle assembly plants, covering an area of 370 hectares and with up to 5.3 million square feet of production and office space, but with the construction of production lines for models such as model S, Model 3 and Model Y. There may not be enough room for the model to build a production line for larger electric pickups and electric trucks. Tesla employees revealed last year that they had made adjustments to the Fremont plant last year to make room for model Y’s production line, integrating the Model S and Model X into a single production line, confirming that the Fremont plant is not full of space.