Foreign scientists propose “human recovery system” to solve Mars fertilizer supply problem

The biggest life change humans may face before 2050 is that some people may migrate to Mars, a goal NASA and some civil space organizations are trying to achieve. A scientist and a fashion designer have teamed up to solve a less-discussed question about what to do with the bodies of their dead companions,media reported.

Reported that the two are exploring solutions to the death of The Martian colonists, both logical and emotional treatment, and their ideas will also affect how we treat the dead on Earth.

Bioengineer J.J. Hastings and fashion designer Pia Interlandi split their Mars Death Project into two parts. The first was a dress that could be worn as part of a ritual that would not necessarily be worn by the dead on Mars as the dead on Earth, for which the two made a multi-layered biodegradable dress out of silk, which Hastings later showed at the Hawaii Space Exploration Simulation Center (HI-SEA). HI-SEA is a Mars simulation habitat near the Monaroa volcano in Hawaii.

In addition, it is the “human recovery system”. The system composts the body of the deceased, turns it into raw materials, and can then be used to fertilize plants. This may sound morbid, but given the scarcity of resources on Mars, it makes sense for colonists to use the remains after the ceremony.