The first supermoon of 2020 – the “snow moon” will appear this weekend

The first supermoon in 2020, the Snow Moon, will appear this weekend, according tomedia Slash Gear. When the moon is at perigee, it happens to be a full moon and will be called a super full moon. The full moon that occurs in February is called the Super Snow Moon. According to EarthSky, there will be 13 full moons this year, of which the “snow moon” is the fourth brightest (because it will also be the fourth closest moon).

A full moon often attracts widespread attention as a marker at different points in the year, such as harvest moon. This refers to the full moon, which occurs closest to the autumn equinox, because it takes place before and after farmers begin harvesting crops, hence the name.

A full moon in January is called a “wolf moon”, while a full moon in March is called a Worm Moon. Some full moons have several different names, which vary depending on location. This month’s “snow moon” will be about 225,000 miles from Earth.

The moon will welcome the full moon on February 9 (2:33 a.m. EST on February 9). The full moon will take place during the Magha Puja festival, the second-largest festival of the year for Buddhists, NASA said. Other names for the full moon include Storm Moon and Hunger Moon.