Study finds that people with more muscles are more powerful against cancer

Muscle is an important part of the human body, according to the structure and function of the difference, muscle can be divided into smooth muscle, heart muscle and skeletal muscle three. Muscles can not only make the body shape more beautiful, maintain a young and healthy posture, for movement, balance, strength is also very important, but also it is also a reservoir of amino acids, in a variety of metabolism plays an active role.

Not only do healthy people need to maintain and increase muscle mass, including through nutritional enhancement, but it is also necessary for patients with diseases such as cancer. Many cancer patients become weak after the disease, and higher muscle mass helps fight the disease with a better prognosis.

Cancer patients with low muscle mass experience more complications, longer hospital stays and lower survival rates, according to a study published in The Lancet Oncology.

Study finds that people with more muscles are more powerful against cancer

Researchers from Canada first performed a body mass index (BMI) analysis of patients with respiratory or gastrointestinal solid tumors, identified some obese patients (BMI 30) and calculated their muscle mass using CT images. In the end, a total of 250 obese patients with respiratory or gastrointestinal physical tumors participated in the study, of which 38 (15%) were muscular dystrophy and 212 (85%) did not have muscular dystrophy.

The researchers found that muscle loss is more common in male patients than in women, that of colorectal cancer patients is more common than in other cancer patients, and that muscle loss is more common in patients over 65 than in younger patients.

Of the 38 patients with muscular dystenion, 18 (47%) had poor functional conditions and more complications, while 56 (26%) of 212 non-muscular reduced patients had poor functional conditions. In addition, the median survival of patients with muscular dystrophy is shorter than that of patients without muscular dystrophy, and the quality of life is poorer.

The researchers believe that improving muscle mass through nutritional interventions can improve treatment and prognosis in cancer patients. Now, researchers are looking at how dietary interventions can strengthen muscles to better fight life-threatening diseases.

Muscle mass can adequately illustrate a person’s overall health, especially in the case of chronic diseases. Studies have shown that people with high muscle mass also have a higher chance of survival after developing breast cancer (female), spend less time in intensive care units (ICUs) and have a better chance of survival, and have better respiratory function after chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Osteoporosis is less common;

In addition, skeletal muscle mass is associated with the risk of heart disease and stroke. In men, higher skeletal muscle mass in middle age may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease within 10 years, and the higher the bone muscle mass, the lower the risk of cardiovascular disease within 10 years.

Although muscle mass plays an important role in the human body, from around the age of 30, the body’s muscle mass decreases, leading to an increased health risk, especially in the case of disease. In just three days in a hospital bed, an elderly patient could lose more than a kilogram of muscle; during a 10-day stay, adults could lose 5 percent of their total muscle mass, while in intensive care units, the figure rises to 18 percent.

A decrease in muscle mass makes it harder for patients to fight disease. Losing 10 percent of the muscles leads to decreased immunity and an increased risk of infection; 20 percent of the loss can lead to weakness and slow recovery; 30 percent of patients who lose are too weak to sit down; and 40 percent of the loss is usually fatal.

Losing muscle is easy, but it’s hard to restore muscle, like losing 1 kg in 3 days, and it’s almost impossible to gain 1 kilo in 3 days. Regular physical activity and a protein-rich diet can help maintain or increase muscle mass, keep your mouth shut, open your legs, develop exercise plans, adjust your diet, and increase muscle mass in your body in order to gain an advantage in the process of diseases such as cancer and gain more health benefits.