Hundreds of years of extinction: Seeds from 2,000 years ago

On February 7thmedia reported that researchers at Israel’s Arawa Environmental Research Institute had successfully bred the Judea date palm tree, which had been extinct hundreds of years ago. Scientists say Judea’s date palm tree was praised in ancient times for its sweetness, size, long shelf life, and its ability to fight disease.

But hundreds of years ago, the date palm tree became extinct because of the environment.

Hundreds of years of extinction: Seeds from 2,000 years ago

It is reported that the seven successful germination of ancient seeds from 1800 to 2400 years of age. The seeds come from archaeological sites in three different parts of the Judea Desert, including Kumlan, where ancient scrolls of the Dead Sea have been found.

Researchers say it is difficult to find seeds that can survive for so long, and there are only a few examples. The drought-tolerant nature of date palm seeds may be one of the reasons they have lived so long.

The resurrected date includes female and male trees, which the researchers hope will eventually bear fruit together. But they also say the new fruitmays may not be quite the same as those of ancient times, but they may still exhibit some of the characteristics lost by modern eucalyptus species.