Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 80 has been released for use in Windows and Mac

Microsoft has released a new update to the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, which has a version 80 on both Windows and Mac. While Microsoft has made other changes in this release, there is no doubt that the biggest change is increased support for the Surface Pro X, the ARM-driven Surface microsoft announced by Microsoft in late 2019.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 80 has been released for use in Windows and Mac

Surface Pro X is a direct competition between Microsoft and Google Chromebook as an alternative, and to achieve this vision, Microsoft must provide customers with a full-featured browser, but the current ARM64 system has very limited options.

Microsoft says the Microsoft Edge 80 is optimized for arm for the new Microsoft Surface Pro X, including optimized switchtabs and Web content rendering. Because of the code improvements unique to this ARM version, browsing for anything should be faster and faster.

While ARM-based Windows devices are not yet popular, Microsoft has been pushing them as an alternative to Chromebooks. Surface Pro X is an attempt by Microsoft to invest in the field, and the company hopes other PC makers, including its long-term partners Dell, Lenovo, HP and others, will help expand the product category by developing their own different models.

Thanks to the transition to the Chromium engine, Microsoft Edge is now available across platforms. Microsoft’s update comes just days after Google released 80 versions of its Chrome browser.

Microsoft also plans to introduce Microsoft Edge to Linux, but the company has not disclosed a timetable for the plan, which is currently being done in Windows and Mac versions, which are maintained in the Canary, Dev, Beta and Stable channels.