Germany backs Tesla’s superfactory: government subsidies

Germany’s economy minister told the media that Tesla could receive state subsidies for setting up a super factory in Germany. “In my conversations with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, I always made it clear that there was no privilege, but there was no discrimination. Peter Altmaier, Germany’s economy minister, said in an interview with The Sunday Le Monde.

Germany backs Tesla's superfactory: government subsidies

The German government has provided financial support to companies that produce batteries for electric vehicles in the country to ensure manufacturing jobs, as strict emissions regulations threaten market demand for older technologies such as diesel engines.

To qualify for state subsidies, companies must meet certain requirements for sustainability and battery efficiency, Altmeier said.

“Furthermore, Germany is not just an expanded workbench, it also needs research and development. All companies that meet these conditions have a chance to get support — including Tesla. “

Germany backs Tesla's superfactory: government subsidies

Tesla announced in November that it would open its first European plant and design center near Berlin, adding that the new plant will produce batteries, powertrains and vehicles, starting with the Model Y SUV.