Chrome OS or will get a trigger angle feature similar to macOS

Mac users can trigger shortcuts by moving their mouse anywhere on the screen, a feature known as the Hot Corners. Now, there is evidence that Google may be building its own version of Hot Corners for Chrome OS.

Last year, Google made it clear that it was not opposed to drawing some of the best ideas from other operating systems and applying them to Chrome OS. The previous introduction of virtual desktops by Chrome OS is a good example.

This new feature in the development of Chrome OS is a clear reference to the trigger angle feature, and the Chromium team even gave it the same name, “Hot Corners.”

Trigger angles make the four corners of the screen a shortcut. As long as you set up the shortcut, touch any of the four corners with the mouse pointer, you can trigger the corresponding function. It can be used to trigger sleep, notification centers, or back to the desktop, and so on. To prevent accidental touch, you can also use keys such as shift, plus a mouse pointer, to form a combination of triggers.

Google recently submitted the latest code change, and a new logo will be added to Chrome OS’s chrome://flags page. With names and descriptions, “Hot Corners” almost certainly does the same on Chrome OS as it does on macOS.

Enable hot corners

If enabled, the user can the scan for the words for the display.


The feature is not yet public, and people won’t see it until at least Chrome OS 82 or 83.