29999 not white flower AMD taught you to use 64 core Ryzen: 256GB memory, upgrade Win10

On Friday night, AMD officially released the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor, the most powerful processor ever built by the X86 desktop processor, for $29,999. Manufactured using a 7nm process, the Ryzen 3990X is based on the latest Zen 2 architecture, with 64 core 128 threads and a total of 282MB of cache.

One level cache 4MB, second-level cache 32MB, third-level cache 256MB, base main frequency 2.9GHz, maximum acceleration of 4.3GHz, support four-channel DDR4-3200 256GB memory, 64 PCIe 4.0 channels, thermal design power consumption 280W.

Although has a super multi-core, but because the acceleration frequency is only 4.3GHz, so its game performance is not as good as the Ryzen 7/9 processor or Core i7/i9, AMD is also well aware of this, previously said that gamers are not recommended to buy this processor for the game alone, only need to be very high multi-task players are suitable, such as 8K editing, compilation and so on.

So how do you make use of a 64-core processor like the Ryzen 3990X? AMD officials have also given a guide to learn more before you start:

29999 not white flower AMD taught you to use 64 core Ryzen: 256GB memory, upgrade Win10

1-2GB of memory per logical core processor (total 128-256GB of memory)

Upgrade to 18362.535, hit KB4530684 patch Windows 10 system

More multitasking-sensitive applications will be maximized in parallel

Support snare snr Parallel Win64 applications (e.g. rendering, etc.)

Consider disabling virus scanning (disk IO bottleneck)

Consider disabling system recovery (disk IO bottleneck)

Different hard drives for read, write and OS systems

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From AMD’s suggestion, with a good 64 core 128 thread rye 3990X processor is not easy, memory is big enough, the best on 256GB, the latest Win10 system and patch, the application requirements are also very high, to be optimized for ultra-multithreaded in place, and disk is also a bottleneck, to disable some functions, It is best to have more hard drives, OS systems and read and write separations.

In short, the purchase of the Ryzen 3990X such a processor, in addition to its own 29999 yuan processor and thousands of pieces of TR40 motherboard, memory, hard disk, etc. is also a significant investment.