CPU bull Jim Keller: Intel will redevelop CPU architecture every 5 years

Over the years, many DIY players have believed that CPU development is squeezing toothpaste, with limited performance improvements in the next-generation CPU processor IPC introduced each year. What is the root cause of the CPU-crowded toothpaste upgrade? Jim Keller, senior vice president of Intel TSCG and general manager of silicon engineering, explains.

Recently Jim Keller in a video interview about CPU research and development, although Intel has a two-year upgrade of CPU architecture and process strategy, but the entire CPU architecture upgrade cycle is very long, almost a decade before a fundamental upgrade.

Looking back on the CPU development in recent years, we can see that the Pentium processor at its most brilliant time Intel’s P6 microarchitecture system used almost 10 years, followed by the Core architecture, but also the new three years old three years of stitching and three years, in recent years, Core 6 to 10 generations is actually the Skylake architecture of the magic change.

CPU bull Jim Keller: Intel will redevelop CPU architecture every 5 years

Jim Keller’s job now is to increase the cpu architecture upgrade from 10 to 5 years, which means that the CPU architecture is redeveloped every five years, which is not the usual small change from Skylake to Kaby Lake Coffee to Lake. is refactoring level.

But Jim Keller says there are also many difficulties to solve, there are technical aspects, there will be corporate strategy, but also to let the company’s senior support, because 10 years to upgrade a large structure can be less expensive, five years to upgrade the words means greater investment, financial lying, management also have to consider the interests of investors.

Jim Keller’s current statement is no surprise, in fact, since he entered Intel in 2018, Intel’s job ads suggest that they are developing a new CPU architecture, codenamed NGC, that will support the computing market for the next 10 years.

When jim Keller’s blockbuster product comes out is hard to say, but let’s take a look at this article about his seniority in the history of CPU development – how much is Jim Keller, the father of AMD Zen and vice president of Intel? Silicon Valley chip god, assessing how big his ambitions are.