Apple’s cheap version of the HomePod this year has seen its sound quality plummet

On February 10th it was announced that, exactly two years after Apple released the HomePod, the first Siri-enabled smart speaker owned by Apple, the HomePod had not fully opened the market because of its high price tag. Apple could launch a cheap version of the HomePod as early as this year, and the sound quality will shrink, according tomedia.

Apple's cheap version of the HomePod this year has seen its sound quality plummet

Apple is likely to launch a cheap version of the HomePod this year (pictured from @macrumors)

At the start of the release, the HomePod cost $349, and Apple cut it to $299 in April 2019. Apple has never disclosed sales of the HomePod and classifies it as a “wearable,” “home product” and accessories category.

Although revenue from wearables, home products and accessories was $10.01 billion, up 36.9 percent from $7.308 billion a year earlier, apple reported the biggest surprise in the quarter, according to Apple’s first-quarter 2020 results. But in fact, much of Apple’s wearable business has grown thanks to the Apple Watch and AirPods.

However, the key factor constraining HomePod sales is not the “smart” slot, but the price. The $349 price is slightly less expensive than the earlier launch.

However, it has recently been announced that Apple may launch a cheap version of the HomePod, which will be sold to users who prefer smaller size and are not very demanding for versatility, but the product’s functionality is sure to shrink.

In the early days of the HomePod, the media and users rated the sound quality well, but there was a lack of intelligence, especially Siri. Over the past few years, Apple has been steadily improving the usefulness of the HomePod by adding features such as switching support, multi-user voice detection, and ambient sound. So according to macrumors, the cheap version of the HomePod accountant will save on the boost by cutting the seven high-frequency speakers at the bottom of the HomePod to two, starting with sound quality.

Apple is expected to release a new iPhone in mid-March, probably the rumored iPhone SE2, and eventually the iPhone 9, and it remains to be seen whether the new HomePod will be released together. (Yu Ze)