Debian 10.3/9.12 Maintenance Release

The Debian project team officially released the Debian 10.3 and Debian 9.12 mirror updates today. This maintenance update is equipped with the latest security patches and feature improvements that allow users to reduce update time after installation on the device. This maintenance update does not introduce new features, but includes security patches and some adjustments for critical issues.

(Pictured) Debian 10.3/9.12 Maintenance Release

If you already use Debian 9 or 10 on your computer, you don’t need to reinstall it, just check for updates in Update Manager or command line mode. Six installation packages were removed in this update and several fixes were provided to make the Debian installer more stable.

Software including Firefox ESR, Thunderbird, Linux kernel, Chromium, Ruby, WordPress and OpenJDK has been secured, while ClamAV, Python, Python, Systemd and sudo also received some bug fixes.

If you are still using Debian 9 or are considering installing it, keep in mind that the official security update for the Debian project will end sometime this year. It will be transferred to the long-term support department, where it will be patched up by volunteers and companies, not the Debian security team.