“Venom 2” completed filming: Spider-Man Hits, October 2

The filming of Venom 2 has been done, and the film opened on November 16 last year, and so far, the actual filming has taken less than three months. “Venom 2” will be directed by Andy Serkins, Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams will return to the sequel, Woody Harrison will play the villainous “Slaughter” in the first egg, and Robert Richardson will be known for his role in the recently released Once Upon a Time In Hollywood He will also be a photographer in Venom 2.

In addition, “Venom 2” will have spider-man, but the Dutch brother only appears in the form of Post-credits scene.

In the comics, the killer of the original name, Cletus Cassady, is a serial killer who meets “venom” Eddie Bullock in prison. The venom lay spawned on the way to help host Bullock escape and remained in prison, after which Kasadi inadvertently merged with the venom’s descendantred red symbiosis to become a massacre.

If all goes well, The Venom 2 is scheduled to open in North America on October 2, 2020.