Thailand’s 17-year-old son of single parent playing games all night in the early hours of the morning before sudden death in front of computer

Like to play games all night players all over the world have many, but know that each different physique but also carefully restrained play desire, according to a number of media reports recently, a 17-year-old in Thailand addicted to video games to play all night, 4 days was found dead at home computer, his father until 10 hours later found out, regretful body crying.

The tragedy took off in the northern Thai province of Ulong, where the 17-year-old victim, who goes by the pseudonym “Ike”, attended a prestigious local private school and excelled. Father 6 years ago and his wife divorced, alone with two sons to live, eldest son Ike from a small, clever, is recognized as a school boy, his only drawback is addicted to electric travel, a drop of books will pounce on the computer table, waste sleep and forget to enjoy the virtual world.

泰国17岁单亲学霸通宵玩游戏 凌晨发现猝死电脑前

At noon on Monday (November 4), the father walked into Ike’s bedroom and found his son’s body, kneeling, face down, while the computer lights flashed and the screen showed the game’s page.

An autopsy at Ulong’s Grand Hospital showed that Ike died of heart failure at 2 or 3 a.m., eight to 10 hours after the discovery.

In the face of the pain of losing his son, Ike’s father did not regret the original, he said that because his son learned well to let him play video tour, resulting in the child’s exhaustion. Uron University Hospital doctor Naron advised parents to pay more attention to the problem of internet addiction among teenagers, as far as possible not to keep their children up late, or to play video games alone for too long.

泰国17岁单亲学霸通宵玩游戏 凌晨发现猝死电脑前

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