Hebei cangzhou opens China’s first district-level all-area test road network :Robotaxi really came

November 6th, today, Zhangzhou held the open road self-driving test launch and the first human test experience activities. It is understood that Apollo self-driving fleet can be in the Ganzhou Economic Development Zone in all test sections of the large-scale manned test, open test road mileage of more than 100 kilometers.

河北沧州开放中国首个区级全域测试路网 Robotaxi真来了

The regional road network allows open testing across the domain, meaning that autonomous vehicles are trying to move from fixed road segment testing to unfixed segments, enabling practical scene exploration from line to surface.

It is worth mentioning that Apollo in the large-scale city landing and testoperation, ecological partners play an important role, Luzhou Yuntu Technology Company is Baidu Apollo’s global 156 ecological partners, to undertake local operations and test operations, accelerate the urban practice exploration of large-scale vehicles.

At present, the Apollo Autopilot Calibration and Maintenance Center in Zhangzhou City, Robotaxi Experience Station (Henyep Park Station) and other facilities have been basically completed, that is, put into use on the day.

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