Netflix gets oscars for most opening hour cut two

Beijing time on the morning of February 10, according tomedia reports, in this year’s Academy Awards, Netflix is the most nominated company of all the studios. And more than an hour after the ceremony began, it won two of them.

Netflix gets oscars for most opening hour cut two

Laura Dern won the Best Supporting Actress award for her film “Marriage Story,” which tells the story of a couple’s divorce. Separately, the streaming giant’s documentary American Factory, which it bought more than a year ago, won the Oscar for Best Documentary. The documentary is a film category that Netflix excels at: its 2018 documentary, which also won an Oscar for doping among cyclists, also won an Academy Award. The company’s documentaries are often nominated for Oscars.

This year, Netflix received 24 nominations, the most of any Academy Award-winning studio, including best picture for “The Irishman” and “Married Story.” But there is little optimism about the prospect that Netflix will win big at this year’s awards.

In addition to the nominations, Netflix also received best supporting actor, best adapted screenplay, best costume design and best production design (Irish), best original screenplay (Marriage Story), and best animated production (Klaus).

The Oscars are key to enhancing Netflix’s credibility as the preferred destination for top original films. While Netflix is known for its TV awards like “The Crown,” the streaming service has also spent more time focusing on movies to reach the Academy Awards. Getting an Academy Award not only helps the company win over users in the competition, but is also critical to attracting top talent.

Last year, Netflix won multiple Oscars for 15 nominations. Alfonso Coulong won an Oscar for outstanding directorand and photography in “Rome” and “Rome” itself won the best foreign language film award. Netflix documentary “The Period.” End of The End of The End also won an Oscar. Unfortunately, “Rome” didn’t win the Oscar for best picture. (Wind)