Foreign media: Samsung, LG and other South Korean companies will resume factory operations in China

FEBRUARY 10 (UPI) — SOUTH KOREAN COMPANIES SUCH AS SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AND LG ELECTRONICS WILL RESUME OPERATIONS AT THEIR PLANTS IN CHINA, INDUSTRY OFFICIALS SAID MONDAY, ACCORDING TO FOREIGN MEDIA REPORTS. Earlier, the South Korean companies had to temporarily close some of their factories in China because of the Chinese New Year holiday and an outbreak of the new coronavirus. Similarly, these South Korean companies have extended their Spring Festival holidays due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Media: Samsung, LG and other South Korean companies will resume factory operations in China

The companies will now resume production on Monday, although some production facilities are likely to resume later this week.

Samsung Electronics said it would resume production at its TV plant in Tianjin and its home appliance plant in Suzhou. Meanwhile, LG Electronics said production at seven of its production plants in China, including those in Nanjing and Tianjin, would resume production on Monday, although production at some plants could be delayed by the extended Spring Festival holiday season.

In addition, LG Display said it would restart its display module production lines in Nanjing and Yantai on Monday.

Although Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have been shutting down factories for at least a week, they say they are likely to make up for production losses. However, some companies, especially those that need more manpower, say it may take some time for their production to reach normal levels.

In addition to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which resumed operations at their plants in China today, many other companies have resumed production in China.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant will also resume production today,media reported. Earlier, the company temporarily closed its new plant in Shanghai because of the outbreak, which would delay production and delivery of the domestic Model 3.

Apple suppliers and Thesus factory resumed work on February 3rd, with a return rate of about 90 per cent, but staff are expected to leave after the February pay rise, with a return rate of 60 to 70 per cent.

Earlier,media reported that Foxconn, the iPhone maker, plans to resume full production in China on February 10. But now, Foxconn is understood to have delayed work by at least a week, with an estimated resumption rate of about 40 to 60 per cent. (Little Fox)