Who is the strongest in the Terminator series with so many robots?

It’s hard to imagine that in 1984, when everyone was playing coin-operated public telephones, The Terminator’s first film was quite a forward-looking exploration of the sci-fi “myth” of artificial intelligence destroying humanity. Today the Terminator series is recognized as one of the most influential sci-fi action IPs, the most classic of which is of course set in various models of robots.


Terminator: Fate of the Dark

In 35 years, almost every new movie has seen new machine killers. “Terminator: Dark Destiny,” directed by Cameron’s return ingres, was released on November 1st, and the artificial intelligence upgrade, with the new keeper Grace “transforming the humanist” and the villain REV-9 having the ability to separate the tables.

Guardian T-800 evolved emotions and consciousness over a 35-year period

The Terminator IP series has won generations of viewers around the world with stunning special-effectaction action scenes and thought-provoking themes of the apocalyptic crisis. Among them, Schwarzenegger plays the first generation of robot T-800, a character that runs through the entire series, and fans who have seen the entire series will find that “it” has changed, or is self-upgrading.

The first Terminator in 1984 was called “The Origin of Mechanical Aesthetics”. Schwarzenegger’s T-800 has a never-ending steel body – alloy bones, and living tissue covering the body is conducive to infiltration. In 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah Connor and John Connor helped stop nuclear warfare from changing the future, while the T-800, under john Connor’s influence, gradually gained “humanity” and learned to drive a car with a key, smile and slang. At last I understood what human tears were all about.

And in the latest episode of Terminator 6: Fate of the Dark, the “Old Rare Edition” T-800 is already an advanced Terminator with artificial intelligence. It alone in human society “shaking” for more than 20 years, had to imitate as much as possible human beings, learn human thought and way of life, become one of the most intelligent “human”, and even rescued a mother and son, living with them, and even become “dad”.

The new guardian is a “transformer” of the half-man, half-machine.

In Terminator 6: The Dark Destiny, the guardian is replaced by “transformer” Grace, belonging to a half-human and half-machine, and “Transforming Man” voluntarily accepts physical transformation in the last war, fighting for the fate of mankind. She has human emotions and values, her body is stronger than human beings, but she is not a knife and a gun, and she can’t fight like a Terminator. The lines in the film show that she has an instant burst, but can not fight for long periods of time, once agility declines, need to inject a drug, in order to slow over.

1991 Liquid Metal T-1000 Image Into The History

It has to be said that in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-1000 Terminator character classic has influenced many other sci-fi films, and many netizens still remember how it felt when they saw the character. Liquid metal is still set today, and the film special effects are excellent, and still look swayed.

The advanced and different thing about the T-1000 is that its body is made up of liquid metal that can restore memory, and each drop of liquid metal is its CPU. These CPUs can be both decentralized and self-contained and collaborative. It can be said that the T-1000, whether deformation, movement or combat can be regarded as its “thinking” process. After being destroyed, it can self-restore, lose can be rebuilt, injured or shot after automatically closing the wound, restore its liquid metal body. At the same time, the T-1000 is also a robot that can be converted between solids and fluids at will. In addition, it can easily cross objects such as fences, and its body can be changed into sharp or heavy-hammer weapons, and parts of the body can be individually turned into weapons to throw.

2003 Alloy bones can be deformed into weapons

Reporters see, in 2003 “Terminator 3: the rise of the machine”, there is a more advanced than the T-1000 female robot TX, its whole body is wrapped in liquid metal, but there is an inner alloy bone, the bone can be deformed, such as from the arm into plasma gun, spray, saw and so on. Compared to the T-1000, the TX has little impact on movement when shot, and therefore the threat is greater. And the TX has nano-injectors that can remotely control other machines, and in movies it operates police cars and military robots.

2015 Being infected with nanoparticles keeps human memory alive.

In the fourth Terminator 2018, there are various models of Terminator robots, as well as giant flying and deforming. In 2015’s Terminator 5, human leader John Connor was “blacked out” with two new humanoid robots. The T-5000 is made of nanoparticles that can erode humans, and the infected T-3000 retains human memory and even emotional expression, though the T-3000 is susceptible to strong magnetic devices.

2019 Liquid robot with mechanical bones that can be “bone-and-meat”

In the just-released Terminator 6: Fate of the Dark, a “Army” similar to Skynet’s anti-establishment forces sent the latest model, THE REV-9, through time and space to attack the future world’s important man, Dani. Rev-9 has the high agility of all previous series of robots, its motor ability is far superior to humans, can climb and jump quickly, than the runner is even more powerful. Second, the robot is a soft and hard combination, consisting of high-strength mechanical bones and liquid metal, and the two forms can be separated into two robots to fight together. By the netizens as “open hanging the existence.” Its mechanical bone hardness should be the highest in the whole, whether it is the modified human warrior with a sledgehammer head, or by tons of car manufacturing machinery, or even by the rocket launcher face, are unscathed.

Liquid robots are being developed in all countries.

In fact, in 1991’s Terminator 2, the Liquid Robot Killer T-1000 was so stunning that the latest episode was just an upgrade to a split version of 2.0, and many netizens even thought “I’m not coming back” as the end of the series. But in real life, all countries are currently developing liquid robots. It is reported that the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has created a liquid metal that can automatically change the structure like the T-1000. The new material, called the Polymer Liquid Metal Network, can expand to 700% of its original structure, which automatically “responds” to this expansion and remains virtually unchanged, while ensuring that everything returns to its original state. Meanwhile, associate professor Zhang Shiwu of the University of Science and Technology of China has designed a new type of robot driver based on argon-based room temperature liquid metal, enabling the first functional wheeled mobile robot driven by liquid metal. Through electric field, magnetic field of various energy fields or surface modification, such as deformation, separation and fusion of many morphological changes, in microfluidics, biomedical and other fields to show great application prospects.

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