“He’s too rich…” Bezos was lemonized at the Oscars.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos attended the Oscars on Sunday night, according tomedia reports. While there were no formal hosts at the ceremony, comedians Steve Martin and Chris Rock opened the dinner with monologues. “Jeff Bezos is there! Locke said, “Great actor,” martin immediately took over, and the camera was also aimed at Bezos.

“He has a lot of money. The checks he wrote, the banks refused to pay,” Locke said. Next waitfore for Bezos, there are more “jokes.”

“Jeff Bezos is so rich, how much money is there, that is, he is still the richest man in the world after he divorced his family! Locke said, “He watched “Marriage Story” and thought it was a comedy. “Marriage Story, starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson,” was nominated for a 92nd Academy Award for best picture.

Jeff Bezos – Oscar 2020 (via)

Bezos, pictured, also laughed.

“Steve, do you have anything to say to Bezos?” Locke asked.

“No, but I hope my package arrives on time, ” Martin replied.

As Amazon Studios’ productions become more popular with audiences, Bezos also regularly attends awards shows for various television movies.

This year, Amazon’s “Les Miserables” also received a nomination for best international film. In 2017, Amazon won three Oscars in a single event – becoming the first streaming service to win the top prize.