Making history: South Korean film “The Parasite” becomes the biggest winner of the 92nd Academy Awards

According tomedia reports, the South Korean film “The Parasite” won the 92nd Academy Awards, in the fierce competition to beat the “The Joker,” “King of the Speed,” “The Irishman,” “Marriage Story,” “Little Woman,” “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood,” “Joe’s Whee World”, “Joe’s World” “In winning the best picture award.

This makes it the first non-English-language film to win one of the most gold medals at the Oscars, and the first film to win the award by a South Korean director, with a major Asian actor.

In addition to best picture, the film also won best screenwriter, best director, best international feature film and many other awards. Although the actors were not singled out for their Oscars, they had previously won the Best Performance award from the Screen Actors Guild.

Only 11 non-English-speaking films have been nominated for best picture, including Rome, Love, The Tower of Heaven and The Hidden Dragon. “Rome” was the first non-English-language film to receive the top nomination for streaming. Although it didn’t make it to the end in this category, it won the award for best foreign language film.

“The Parasite” director, Feng Junhui, said it was a crazy journey, and he reiterated in several interviews that he didn’t expect the film to get so many fans (Bong Hive).

“Once you’ve overcome the one-inch-tall caption barrier, you’ll see more great movies,” Mr. Feng said at the Golden Globeawardes for Best Foreign Language Film.