Panos Panay, new head of Microsoft’s Windows division: Windows 10 has more innovations and the future

As Microsoft’s first 1 billion-class OS system, Windows 10 (Win10) received a lot of praise, but the slotis is not small, just a variety of constant bugs can be unbearable. Now that Microsoft’s Windows systems division has changed, and recently completed a director-replacement, the new boss, Panos Panay, said he would devote all of Microsoft’s resources to bringing more innovation to desktop OS.

Panos Panay, new head of Microsoft's Windows division: Windows 10 has more innovations and the future

Panos Panay, known as the “Father of Surfaces” and formerly the boss of Microsoft’s Surface division, is now gaining more and more attention for its $4 billion in revenue from its Surface tablets and laptops. Panay was promoted to head both the Windows Experience and Hardware Division, a new division called Devices and Windows. Previously, the head of the Windows Experience team was Joe Belfiore.

In terms of its new position, one of Panos Panay’s future priorities will be the optimization of the Win10 system, which he promises to deliver the best Win10 experience for users, and will devote Microsoft’s resources to continuing to bring innovation to desktop OS users.

While it’s not yet known what kind of changes he’ll make to Win10, Panos Panay says it will take weeks for users to fix bugs that don’t happen again.

Before he took office, it was reported that Microsoft will change the Win10 upgrade cycle, last year, Microsoft officially confirmed the rhythm of the two updates a year – the first half is a big update, feature upgrade, the second half is a small update, fix the bug, the latest said is Microsoft to change the pace of one upgrade a year.

The reason is also very simple, is that the two upgrade cycles a year is too short to do comprehensive testing, resulting in a lot of bugs, further affecting the user experience, but drag down the overall.