Supermicro motherboard leak: Intel to launch PCIe 4.0 for Cooper Lake processor

According to Intel’s previous statement, they will launch two generations of server processors for the first time in 2020, and the upgrade interval will be significantly reduced to 4-5 months, with one in the 14nm process of Cooper Lake and the other with the 10nm process’s Ice Lake-SP.

The claim that Cooper Lake-SP and Ice Lake-SP supportPCIe 4.0 has a long history, and now Supermicro’s X12DPi-N motherboard (server platform code Whitley) caption chart confirms the rumors again.

Supermicro主板泄露:Intel将为Cooper Lake处理器首发PCIe 4.0

The CPU interface of the motherboard is LGA4189, illustrated with a two-way system.

The siSoftware run points, which are exposed together, show that the platform processor is 14 cores, 28 threads, main frequency 3GHz, 17.5MB secondary cache, 21MB three-level cache, equipped with 256GB DDR4-3200 Micron memory.

Supermicro主板泄露:Intel将为Cooper Lake处理器首发PCIe 4.0

Judging from L2, the 14-core processor should be 10nm Ice Lake-SP, while Cooper Lake-SP’s L2 is 1MB. It seems that the enterprise and consumer side, from 14nm to 10nm when the L2 will be upgraded.

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