Want to bring Ghosn’s escape to the screen? If you’re interested in talking to him, you can talk to him.

Mr. Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., has hired Mr. Ovitz, the founder of the U.S. innovation artist brokerage and former president of Disney, as an agent, and Hollywood producers who want to make Mr. Goen’s life into a movie or TV series could be approached, Taiwan’s Yonhap newspaper reported, citing Bloomberg sources.

Want to bring Ghosn's escape to the screen? If you're interested in talking to him, you can talk to him.

After Mr. Ghosn fled Japan at the end of 2019, $14 million in bail was confiscated, and experts estimate that Mr. Ghosn may have spent another $15 million to abscond, according to the report. If Ghosn can sign with the studio, there will be a big deal.

Few people in Hollywood are reportedto more familiar with such negotiations than Ovitz, one of the entertainment industry’s most prominent traders since the 1980s. At the Creative ArtistS, he pioneered the practice of “packing” film projects, bringing together stars, screenwriters and directors and selling them in groups to studios.

Mr Ovitz has not yet commented on the matter, the report said.

Mr. Ghosn, a Lebanese-French national, was arrested in Japan in November 2018 on a number of financial charges and later released on bail before he absconded to the Lebanese capital Beirut on 30 December 2019.