How to get the Edge Dev channel version enable taskbar new icons

At the Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft brought a new LOGO for the Chromium-based Edge browser and plans to launch the Edge Stable on January 15, 2020. Today Microsoft has started pushing new icons for canary, Dev, and beta channel versions, and now has replaced the desktop shortcuts and taskbar icons with new icons, in addition to Dev’s taskbar icons.

[技巧]如何让Edge Dev通道版本启用任务栏新图标

Here are tips for replacing a Microsoft Edge Dev taskbar icon with a new icon

1. Start Microsoft Edge Dev

2. Click on the “…” menu and select Settings

3. Click on the profile, click on the “…” on the right to do more, and then select “Edit” to rename the profile in the “Edit Profile” dialog box. For example, if your profile name is Profile, change it to Profile 1.

[技巧]如何让Edge Dev通道版本启用任务栏新图标

4. Click Update, close The Edge, and restart your browser to notice the new icon for Edge Dev on the taskbar.

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