Intel retires two second-generation xeon processors in just seven months after on the market

Just seven months after going public, Intel announced the retirement of the Xeon Gold 6222 and Xeon Gold 6262 gold medals. These two CPUs belong to the Sestrong second-generation scalable family and are based on the Cascade Lake microarchitecture. Even more bizarrely, the Xeon Gold 6222/6262 was not part of the more than 50 SKUs that Cascade Lake-SP had made its debut, and did not even appear in Ark’s official specification table, so that its specific parameters remain mysterious.

Intel退役两款二代至强可扩展金牌处理器 仅上市七个月

Intel said the final pick-up time is December 27 this year, and all shipments will be completed on November 6 next year.

Another explanation, of course, is that Intel is based on the retirement of its successors, the Xeon Gold 6222V and the 6262V, already available.

Xeon Gold 6262V is designed as a 24-core 48 thread with a frequency of 1.9/3.6GHz, cache 33MB, thermal design power (TDP) 125W, price $2900, Xeon Gold 6222V designed as 20 core 40 threads, frequency 1.8/3.6GHz, cache 2. MB, thermal design power 115W, price $1600.

Where “V” stands for virtual machine, the single core price is lower. However, the sacrifice is the main frequency and memory support, such as Cascade Lake-SP are DDR4-2933 memory, two “V” models downgraded to DDR4-2400.

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